Week in Review 12/04/2020

Trend Analysis by u/dwdsquared2Mo

Global equity markets mixed on slight upward or sideways pressure. Despite the slowdown in bullish momentum, US equity markets in particular still had record setting moments this week.

US Initial jobless claims fell back to down to 712k.

US 10 Yr Treasury rates jump this week but fails to reach recent highs before correcting somewhat Friday. Long end of the curve rises in general.

ISM survey numbers slightly depressed for November, but UoM Consumer Sentiment rises a bit.

FED Treasury purchases continue to rise buy MBS purchases continues slowdown trend. FED Foreign Asset holdings on a rise.

Lower rated bond spreads continue tightening, reducing the gap between AAA spreads. Spreads tightening in general.

In commodities, Agricultural products correct while Metals and Oil rises. Broader Energy Index relatively flat on the week.

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