Week in Review 11/14/2020

Equity markets see a pause in momentum towards throughout the week, slowing the strong rally that began post US election. The S & P 500 still manages to close at a record high on Friday despite an indecisive week.

US Jobless claims dropped to 709k, continuing to make improvements.

US 10 Yr benchmarks nearly hit 1% yields on the week, but continues to see seesaw volatility.

US Real Estate loan levels continue in seasonal drop.

FED Treasury purchases continue at steady clip but MBS purchases flatline for 3rd week in a row now.

Bit of an increase in spreads this week, though November is still net tighter.

Global unemployment shows improvement, though these lagged releases are pre-second wave of COVID levels.

In commodities, oil breaks back above $40 a barrel. Big week in Agricultural prices as well.

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