The CFA Level I Series: Intro and Table of Contents

The goal of the series will be to cover some of the material that the CFA presents blog format. I’ll  cover most of the topics in Book 1, but for the rest it’ll just be selected topics.

Table of Contents

  1. Ethics
  2. Quantitative Measures
    1. Time Value of Money
    2. Statistical Concepts
    3. Probability Concepts
    4. Common Probability Distributions
    5. Sampling, Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
    6. Technical Analysis
  3. Selected Topics: Economics
    1. Foreign Exchange Topics: Real Rates, Cross-Rates, Arbitrage
    2. Price Indices
    3. Balance of Payments
  4. Selected Topics: Financial Reporting and Analysis
    1. Cash Flow Statements
    2. DuPont Analysis
    3. Leases
    4. Cost of Inventories
    5. Income Taxes: Deferred Tax Assets and Liabilities
  5. Selected Topics: Corporate Finance
    1. Share Repurchases
    2. Short-Term Investments
  6. Selected Topics: Portfolio Management
    1. Portfolio Perfomance Evaluation
  7. Selected Topics: Equity
    1. Dividend Discount Model & Gordon Growth Model
  8. Selected Topics: Fixed Income
    1. Bond Duration
  9. Selected Topics: Derivatives
  10. Selected Topics: Alternative Investments
    1. Hedge Fund Fee Structures




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