Macro Outlook Jan 2022

Summary: Data shows a US recovery that is mostly past the pandemic. Certain indicators are still showing depressed levels, but recovery is undeniable. With inflation hitting wages, transitory arguments weaken, prompting a need for rate hikes. However, given the unprecedented level of both fiscal and monetary stimulus that was injected into the system, the effects … Read more

Financial Week in Review 1/21/22

Past week sees a rout in global equity markets. SP500 approaching October lows. Dollar mixed against currency pairs. Post holiday spike in job postings emerges. REITs selloff with rest of market. Commodities have comparatively quiet week. Oil approaches $90 a barrel. US yield curve flattens a little over the week. Consumer rates jump. Inflation expectations … Read more

Financial Week in Review 1/14/22

Global equity index ends higher after weather late week sell off. SP500 essentially flat, FTSE 100 still pumping, along with Canadian equities. In FX, USD widely devalues across pairs, with Pound showing strongest gains against. US new job postings have found a range in last few months. Commodity price inflation resumes with prices approaching fall … Read more

Financial Week in Review 1/7/22

Global equities index remains within recent range with volatility causing deviations across international markets. SP500 sells off, while FTSE 100 sees risk appetite increase. The dollar sees significant devaluation against the pound. New job posting numbers in the US sees a large range over holiday period. REITs don’t escape this correction. In commodities food crops … Read more

Market Week in Review 12/17/21

Equity markets give up gains from last week. USD strengthens across block. Large increase in new job postings on into December holiday season. REITs maintain amidst equity sell off. Agriculture and energy prices rise while metals sink lower. In US Treasuries, short yields see some upwards pressure but overall curve flattens. Inflation expectations continue … Read more

Market Week in Review 12/10/21

Sharp recovery over the week in global equity markets. Dollar sees some devaluation against commodity pairs, otherwise relatively quiet week. New job postings on tank after Black Friday. Staple crop prices back on rise, along with energy prices. Metals remain in range. In US yields, intermediate yields break out, increasing curvature as short and … Read more

Market Week in Review 12/03/21

Global equity sell off continues into third week. Dollar remains mixed amidst global volatility. New job postings spike on week ending of 11/26. REITS see high levels of volatility as well. Commodities see price deflation. US yield curve flattens. 10 year yields lower. Consumer yields hold up better. Inflation expectations lower. Crypto sells off in … Read more

Market Week in Review 11/26/21

Global equity index sinks on new Covid-19 variant fears. Most markets near 6-mo lows, though North America shows more moderation. Dollar reaction a bit mixed, showing strength against commodity pairs. New job postings on dip, reflecting seasonal volatility. Real estate holds up well against market sell-off as well. Commodity prices weaken, though oil rises … Read more

Market Week in Review 11/19/21

Global equity markets trend sideways into Thanksgiving week. SP500 flat, while most other markets find their way lower. UK and commodity markets seem particularly weak. Dollar appreciates across most mainstream pairs. New job postings on dip though seasonal growth trend may still continue. Staple crops and metals trade sideways, gold hits resistance on recent … Read more

Market Week in Review 11/12/21

Global equity index tracks another quiet week. Local indices mixed and muted. Dollar gains across major and commodity pairs. US new job postings tick higher, in line with holiday seasonal bump. Staple crops find another price bump. Industrial metals index hits top of range. Gold rallies on inflation concerns. Crude remains around $80-$82 a barrel. … Read more