Week in Review 5/29/2020

SP500 finishes in an upbeat mood, closing above 3000 on Friday. Global equities see similar gains, though many finished Friday with a selloff. We are still seeing over 2 million new unemployment claims over the week. Drastic unemployment jump is now reflecting in all covered countries. 10 Yr Treasury Benchmarks remain stable over the week, … Read more


Week in Review 5/15/2020

SP500 ends week lower despite positive days on Thursday and Friday. US officials have pledged additional stimulus in the face of continuing macroeconomic deterioration. 10 yr Treasuries remain constrained, as does the broad Dollar Index. Fed Fund rate remains near zero. Stimulus costs are starting to materialize in data. US housing sector indicators reflect decline … Read more


Week in Review 3/16/20 – 3/20/20

Markets find support as initial panic subsides. Most countries have plans of actions, central banks have committed to easing and virus testing is ramping up. Expectations that number of cases will continue to rise baked in. Potential for further declines in equities exist and bond spreads remain high, especially if second wave of contagion occurs … Read more

Week in Review 8/17/2018

Week ending 8/17/2018 Dollar dropped this week, perhaps as concerns that the currency volatility in Turkey would spread to emerging markets calmed. Several major US retailers announced earnings and despite some beating expectations, the industry outlook remains negative. The SP500 is near its 6-month high, as the 10 Yr treasuries fall back towards February levels. … Read more