Financial Week in Review 4/15/22

Global equity index muted over a short US trading week. In the charts we generally see a bit of consolidation after recent bearishness. Currencies muted as well, though dollar strength does continue. New job postings in the US still slowly rounding the corner. Food prices still showing inflation, with corn being pack leader. Metals more … Read more

Financial Week in Review 4/8/22

Global equity index lower but remains in consolidation range. Dollar broadly appreciates over the week. New job postings on finds a bit of a bottom. Food prices continue to rise but metals and energy level out. OPEC crude back to $100 a barrel. US Treasury yields continue to rise across the board. Middle of … Read more

Financial Week in Review 4/1/22

Global equity index ranges since the March 18th bounce back. SP500 closes lower than start of week and commodity economies pause as well. Dollar weakens slightly over week, though most covered currencies pairs are ranging at the moment. US job posting levels continue to decline into tax season. Commodity prices continue consolidating as well. Front … Read more

Financial Week in Review 3/25/22

Equity markets lack momentum this week as uncertainty remains high but volatility declines. Commodity markets outperform. Dollar sees some gains across pairs, but again commodity markets show strongest price appreciation. New job postings on continue to sag. Commodity prices back on the rise. Inflation expectations follow along. US yield curve still shows rising rates, … Read more

Financial Week in Review 3/18/22

Global equity markets rally on the week as FED hikes rates 25 bps and the war in Ukraine continues through it’s third week. Dollar broadly sells off. New job postings continue to sag. Agricultural products, metals, and oil prices moderate, lumber sees a new spike. Renewable energy shows signs of life as well. US yield … Read more

Financial Week in Review 3/11/22

Equity markets find a bottom for the week. Commodity markets still fare best. Dollar strength continues, though commodity markets outperform in FX as well. Job stock on seems to have found a ceiling at around a 60% change form start of index. Commodity markets cool off this week. US yield curve steepens back out. … Read more

Financial Week in Review 3/04/22

Equity markets continue to rout due to war in Ukraine. SP500 shows some resilience as a haven, and commodity countries outperform. DXY shows continued resilience as Europe sells off. AUD gains sharply as well. Stock of US job postings continues to flag though month to month trend still show upward momentum. Food, metal and energy … Read more

Financial Week in Review 2/25/22

Global equity markets sell off on Russian invasion of Ukraine, though rallied to end the week. Broad dollar strength continues, though commodity pairs end week a little stronger Job posting levels start stabilize at current levels. Commodities generally up higher though seems to be some profit taking on Friday. Opec crude above $100, first time … Read more

Financial Week in Review 2/18/22

Global equity markets rout again to finish the week as geopolitical tensions escalate. Dollar shows mixed performance over the week. US job site postings continue to push past recent bottom. Agricultural prices temper for second week, but metals price higher, with gold as a driver. Crude closes off peak price, but gains slightly on the … Read more

Financial Week in Review 2/12/22

Global equity markets end week on 2 days of strong selling. Dollar appreciates or remains flat against pairs over the week. US job postings establish a bottom. In commodities, agricultural and metal products see price inflation. Gold sharply higher. Oil plateaus for the week. 10 year benchmark yields crest 2% on the week, leading to … Read more