Macro Outlook June 2022

Summary: While financial markets swirl from headline to headline, underlying economic data remains slow to materialize the fears that are driving daily price action. Consumer spending continues to increase and while some employment levels like initial claims flash, total unemployment remains low. Business and consumer sentiment is still unfavorable, but business capex and employment spending … Read more

Financial Markets in 5 Charts – Week Ending 6/24/22

Watch this weeks review here: Major Headlines: Markets rally, ending found weeks of consecutive losses Global asset class indices show commodities as the laggard over the week. Bond rally sharpest. Breaking down equity indices by country, we see a rebound in Chinese markets. Commodity prices continue to come down sharply. Mortgage rates have made … Read more

Market in 5 Charts – Week Ending 6/17/22

Watch this weeks review here: Major Headlines: FED hike rates 0.75 bps, crypto crashes, and recession fears abound Both equity and commodity indices trend lower on the week, but we do see some flows into fixed income. Commodities all lower. Another parallel shift in curve. Inflation expectations seem hopeful on FED hawkishness. BTC sinks … Read more

Financial Week in Review 6/10/22

Watch this weeks review here: Surprise inflation beat sends equity and bond markets back down. Equity indices move in concert, with Canada continuing to fare best since coverage period began. Germany drops into the worst performer against mean return. Munis fare best in bond space, while MBS returns are at the most extreme standard … Read more

Financial Week in Review 5/20/22

Global equities up overall as continued US equity weakness diverges from a relief rally in other parts of the world. USD weakens broadly over week. Job stock on levels out. In commodities, food prices continue to move within range while metals back on the rise. Opec crude bounces down from 120 levels though Broad … Read more

Financial Week in Review 5/13/22

Friday relief rally saves equity index from another net down week. Dollar mixed over week, showing strength against Europe but weakness against commodities. Food prices show renewed strength while metals continue to lag. Energy remains in consolidation range. Bit more flattening in US Treasuries. High yield spread continues liftoff. Inflation expectations tick back up. High … Read more

Financial Week in Review 5/6/22

Global equity index ends week at a new low 6 month low. Dollar strength continues though Euro gets some buys. New job postings on continues to tick up, though total stock dips. Agricultural and industrial commodities continue to deflate though energy seems primed for another run up. US Treasury steepens again on a Fed … Read more

Macro Outlook Apr 2022

Summary: We close out April on strong negative market sentiment, with the S & P 500 losing 10% over the course of the month. The Nasdaq has had its worst month since 2018. Volatility caused by recession anxiety are headlined by a prolonged Russian war in Ukraine, continued increasing inflation expectations and fears of the … Read more

Financial Week in Review 4/29/22

Mixed week for global equities leads to little net change. Sp500 ends week lower and strong Friday sell off. Dollar strength continues. Bounce back in job postings in the US. Commodity prices continue to moderate, with sharp drop in industrial metal prices. Energy prices consolidate. Not too much movement in the Treasury curve, though bit … Read more

Financial Week in Review 4/22/22

Global equity index sells off over last two days of the week. Dollar continues to see strength against covered pairs. Sharp decline in stock of job postings as well as total stock. Commodity prices see slight relief in pressure. Treasury curve flattening a bit more as short to mid term rates rise will long end … Read more