GBPUSD Macro Review 12/20/19

Tumultuous 2 weeks for Pound. Pound Dollar spiked to 3 month highs for 1.34 following the Conservative victory in parliament. The jump was short lived as the possibility of a hard Brexit came back in the picture. . Dollar maintains gains from positive news coming from the trade war headlines. Yield curves in the US … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 12/06/19

Pound rises in anticipation of a Conservative majority forming on December 12th. Dollar had been down recently due to renewed trade war concerns, but rebounded on Friday labor numbers. Price of gold looks to test 137 levels again. Short-term Treasuries dip while Gilts see gains. We continue to see divergence on the longer term yields … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 11/15/19

Pound rises on news that seems to position Conservative Party ahead in the UK. Trade and impeachment uncertainty likely factors in Dollar declining. Both Treasury and Gilt yield curves decline, with exception of 6mo Treasuries which seem to level out. US inflation expectations drop. SP500 continues to gain while FTSE 100 drop for 2nd week … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 11/08/19

Pound Dollar sags over the course of the week as we go into a quiet news cycle as election planning begins in the UK. Dollar jumps on trade optimism and perhaps the start of impeachment proceedings. The 6-mo Treasury rate remains relatively unchanged, but farther up the curve we see solid gains. Similar story for … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 11/01/19

GBPUSD pops on UK election news, but uncertainty still hangs over whether the election will create a path of action. Gold prices have been ranging for about a month now. US short term rates drop on another FED rate cut while 6 mo Gilts try unsuccessfully to breach the 0.74 levels. On the longer end … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 10/25/19

GBPUSD ends this week roughly where it ended last week despite some volatility throughout the week. The dollar rises on equity gains and a potential halt on interest rate cuts next week. US yield curve makes no significant moves, but Gilts drop across the board. UK inflation expectation continue their steep descent. We see a … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 10/18/19

Pound dollar continues second week of strengthening. Comes from Dollar weakness and Pound strength. Apart from the short end there was rate uncertainty across yield curves. US inflation expectations rise while UK inflation drops. Equity markets flag, but the while FTSE declines SP500 tries to hold onto gains.

GBPUSD Macro Review 10/11/19

Pound takes off on positive news surrounding a possible Brexit deal. Dollar reverses course as well as the 99 level proves to be a supply zone again. 6 mo Treasuries flag but most other gov’t yields improve. US inflation expectations seem to pick up over the week while UK inflation expectations continue to fall. FTSE … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 10/04/19

Pound Dollar faces a week of uncertainty, ending roughly where it opened despite volatility throughout the week. Dollar declines on week but still hasn’t bucked uptrend. Pound hit support and looking to potential reversal. Rates move making headlines as October cut gets priced in, reducing US-UK differential across the board. Inflation expectations continue to drop … Read more