Week in Review 3/27/20

Markets continue to settle. Global equity saw growth for most of the week with momentum dying on Friday close. Credit spreads tighten, but remain at high levels. Dollar experiences continued decline after a strong first half of march. Commodities continue rebound as well, with Wheat futures breaking January highs. Oil drops below $30 a barrel … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 7/26/19

The Dollar Index gains while the Pound Index drops, continuing the net decline in the Pound Dollar. On the short end of the government yield curves, down pressure remains, though for treasuries, the upcoming rate cut seems to be fully priced in as rates look to stabilize. Treasuries continue to increase in relative value compared … Read more

Weekly Macro Review

Dollar started the week strong and ended strong, capping off a week of directional momentum in the currency markets. The recent renewed bullishness of US equities (on strength of earnings) and turbulence in the global markets is making the dollar attractive relative to other markets. Updated weekly. Prices reflect daily market closings for week ending … Read more