Week in Review 6/12/2020

S & P 500 saw a pretty dramatic reversal on Thursday, though it bounced off the 3000 price level Friday. Similar story across global equity indices. US CPI flattened out in May, potentially marking an end to deflation concerns. US Initial Claims at 1.5 million, bringing total unemployed to 44 million even as reopening continues. … Read more


Week in Review 4/24/20

Equity markets not moved much on week, as economic releases are relatively on par with expectations. Risk seems to settle on current levels. US to begin moving towards a reopening in May. Headlines to start the week were on certain oil contracts closing negative before rolling. Opec prices dipped below $15 a barrel on the … Read more


Week in Review 3/27/20

Markets continue to settle. Global equity saw growth for most of the week with momentum dying on Friday close. Credit spreads tighten, but remain at high levels. Dollar experiences continued decline after a strong first half of march. Commodities continue rebound as well, with Wheat futures breaking January highs. Oil drops below $30 a barrel … Read more

Week in Review 10/12/2018

Big news is the drop in global equity markets, perhaps as confluence of recent headlines being priced in. Dollar does not experience strengthening from a flight to quality other than a slight rebound effect on Friday. Tbills experience similar weakness. Indicates market fears being driven by US factors.

Week in Review 8/24/2018

The SP500 hit new highs this week as we enter the longest bull run in market history, as defined by a period without a market correction greater than 20%. Despite the equity market strength and the confirmation we received from the Jackson Hole summit that rates hikes we continue, the US yield curve continued to … Read more