Week in Review 4/24/20

Equity markets not moved much on week, as economic releases are relatively on par with expectations. Risk seems to settle on current levels. US to begin moving towards a reopening in May. Headlines to start the week were on certain oil contracts closing negative before rolling. Opec prices dipped below $15 a barrel on the … Read more


Week in Review 4/17/20

Initial jobless claims still at record levels with 5.2 million applications. 10 yr Treasuries end week back near April lows. SP500 closes week with modest gains. FED asset purchases soften this week, most significantly in Repo purchases. Treasury curve weakens, most notably in the short end. AAA credit spreads return to pre-outbreak levels, but junk … Read more


Week in Review 4/10/20

Covered equity indices seem to be on upswing, perhaps on hopes that the COVID cases are flattening and on a softening US dollar. The gains seem to be slowing around similar zones of structure, though the holiday weekend may be playing a part. Another economic headline on the week was the jump to 6.6 million … Read more


Week in Review 3/27/20

Markets continue to settle. Global equity saw growth for most of the week with momentum dying on Friday close. Credit spreads tighten, but remain at high levels. Dollar experiences continued decline after a strong first half of march. Commodities continue rebound as well, with Wheat futures breaking January highs. Oil drops below $30 a barrel … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 12/06/19

Pound rises in anticipation of a Conservative majority forming on December 12th. Dollar had been down recently due to renewed trade war concerns, but rebounded on Friday labor numbers. Price of gold looks to test 137 levels again. Short-term Treasuries dip while Gilts see gains. We continue to see divergence on the longer term yields … Read more

GBPUSD Macro Review 11/15/19

Pound rises on news that seems to position Conservative Party ahead in the UK. Trade and impeachment uncertainty likely factors in Dollar declining. Both Treasury and Gilt yield curves decline, with exception of 6mo Treasuries which seem to level out. US inflation expectations drop. SP500 continues to gain while FTSE 100 drop for 2nd week … Read more