Markets in 5 Charts – Week Ending 7/22/22

Watch this weeks review here:

Major Headlines: Ukraine and Russia agree to grain export deal. Mario Draghi resigns as the Italian Prime Minister. US Housing Market data shows slowdown. US PMI data also leading to increased recession fears. Record heatwaves across northern hemisphere.

Looking across asset classes, bonds continue to see relief in price action. US equities net up on the week but gave up some gains Friday.

Looking deeper at Fixed Income, we see EM diverging from Totl Intl Bond market, and threatening to become the worst performing sector.

Oil and Gas index turns back around pretty sharply. Only Agricultural index still seeing some deflation.

Negative 2-10 for third week in a row. While this spread is pretty flat, 3mo vs 10yr did decrease.

Crypto shows some life, particularly in ETH which is now grasping on the $1500 dollar range.

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