Financial Week in Review 6/10/22

Watch this weeks review here:

Surprise inflation beat sends equity and bond markets back down.

Equity indices move in concert, with Canada continuing to fare best since coverage period began. Germany drops into the worst performer against mean return.

Munis fare best in bond space, while MBS returns are at the most extreme standard deviations of the set.

Value remains the favored factor in coverage period, momentum lags.

Cyclicals performance continues to lag defensives.

Dollar weakens over the past week.

Energy index continues to dominate commodity performance.

Job stock levels show a plateau.

Yields push higher on the week.

Bank spreads head back down.

Inflation expectation ramp back up.

Equity sectors all sell off. Utilities continue to hold up the best in coverage period, REITs are the worst performers relative to mean.

ETHUSD begins testing $1500 level.

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