Market Week in Review 10/15/21

Global equities rally as US earnings season starts with strong results from banks. Dollar mixed across currency pairs. US new job listings still range bound. Pool of openings remains large. In commodities, agricultural products up, while metals rocket. Oil continues run, no approaching $85 a barrel. US Natural Gas fund deflates a bit. US benchmark … Read more

Market Week in Review 10/08/21

Global equity index bounces back from fresh lows. Most markets in synchrony with this move. Dollar mixed across major pairs. Lack of momentum is US job growth continues. In commodities, oil and staple agriculture hit resistance to the upside, while metals find a bottom. Gold weakens. Natural gas prices peak around $20 price levels. US … Read more

Market Week in Review 10/01/21

Equity markets continue to be choppy with another down week across covered countries. US Dollar broadly appreciates. New job postings in the US remain in recent range. Staple crop prices sharply up, while industrial metals still trending lower. Oil continues climb to $80 a barrel. Benchmark US Treasuries spike, bringing up rates across the market. … Read more

Market Week in Review 9/24/21

Global equities bounce back though remain depressed from volatile global headlines. Asia equities lag broader market. USD sees little movement over the week across dollar pairs, with a few outliers. In the US, new job postings on job boards still struggle to build back momentum. Staple crops aim back towards price inflation, though metals mixed. … Read more

Market Week in Review 9/17/21

September slump continues in global equity markets. Dollar appreciates against global basket. New job postings on still in a continue to flag. Industrial metals trend lower, and gold sells off as well. Lumber down while crude starts climbing back towards $80 a barrel. Not much movement in US rates, inflation signals seemed to be … Read more

Market Week in Review 9/10/21

Bad week for global equities, with the SP500 in line with the rest of the world this time. Japanese equities show the most resilience to bearish sentiment. New job postings dip down on Staple crop prices continue to trend lower, but industrial metals see strong inflation. Oil flat. Ten year treasury yields remain choppy. … Read more

Market Week in Review 9/03/21

Global equities have a good start to September with a risk on mood. Japan has huge week while China rebounds from lows. Western markets find strength as well, with SP500 continuing to plow on. Dollar finds weakness on the week. New job postings back on expansionary track. Real Estate assets pop. Staple crops deflate while … Read more

Week in Review 08/27/2021

Global equities bounce back but struggle to reclaim recent highs. Outside the US, momentum slowdown is more apparent. Dollar continues to weaken against block though broader trends still show appreciation. New job postings on US seem to head towards a plateau. Large global public real estate bucks equities trend with stronger growth. Staple crop … Read more


Week in Review 08/20/2021

Global equity index sees selloff. Dollar strength continues. New job postings in US shifts back up. Real estate momentum slows, but not quite in a correction. Staple crop prices dip along with industrial metals and oil. Opec oil drops sharply below $70 a barrel. In US, rates try to establish ranges. TIPS send mixed … Read more


Week in Review 08/13/2021

Global equities continue to trend back toward index highs. SP500 continues to lead the way, while Chinese lag under the recent regulatory scrutiny. Canadian equities also performing strongly. Breaking down price action by sectors, we do see many sectors hitting price resistance at current levels, indicating broad momentum driven from a few concentrated areas. Dollar … Read more