In the News: On Brexit

Since Thursday’s “Leave” vote emerged as the British people’s desire, most markets have dropped. The S&P 500 is down 5% as of this writing, and the FTSE 100 is down around 5.5%. The Euro, GBP and Yen are down, while the USD has gained. Ratings agencies have reduced the credit ratings of the UK, and given … Read more

Social Media trends

In the News: Social Media

With Twitter bears straying into civilization as the company hit all-time lows this month, I think that it’s a good time to talk about the social medias. I recently started using multiple platforms for marketing, integrating Hootsuite and SNAP! social media poster to make the management process less time consuming. I feel relatively comfortable talking … Read more

Big Data

In the News: Big Data

I read an article this morning about the Salesforce acquisition of Implisit Insights, a data-mining/big data company. Salesforce prices appear to have jumped on the news. This is likely because investors believe that the technology acquired will help Salesforce improve it’s CRM software. The ability to take vast amounts of input variables and condense them into easy to … Read more